Chocolate chilli balsamic reduction

150 & 500 ml

Great over ice cream, fruit salads and steaks.

Coconut and coriander peri peri

150 & 500 ml

This wonderful aromatic and fragrant sauce is bursting with coriander, coconut and a hint of chili. This sauce is made for fish, prawns but also an excellent addition with meats, chicken, curry and stews. Drizzle over jacket potatoes or fries. No kitchen should be without this.

Habanero hot sweet chili sauce

250 ml

This is a thick, hot, sweet chili sauce packed with flavour, but with a good heat for the chili lover, it goes well with almost any dish.

Habanero hot thai me

150 ml

This Tabasco-like sauce is hot and fiery with a pleasant aftertaste. It’s hot but not too hot that it burns away the flavour. Serve with meats, salads, fish, oysters, and braai meats.

Jalapeno medium thai me

150 ml

For the chili lovers looking for just a fair amount of heat, this one is packed with flavour for the whole family. Enjoy with eggs, bacon, fish, meat, pasta or salads, this is an all-rounder in the kitchen when you need a flavour boost.

Tomato and basil peri peri

150 & 500 ml

Tomato, basil and chili make for a tasty, spicy sauce full of flavour. Experience a heavenly taste when drizzled over a steak sandwich or Prego roll. Use with grilled meats, pastas or stews.

Wild garlic chilli sauce

150 & 500 ml

A medium heat chili sauce packed with flavour, one the whole family can enjoy. Goes well with eggs, bacon, meats, fish, chicken, salads and fries.

Wild garlic ginger & chilli balsamic

150 & 500 ml

Packed with flavour and a hint of chili, for all meats, chicken, fish, salads and fries or as a dip. This reduction is great with sushi and smoked salmon.